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Free Shipping on Orders over $150. Use code LOFS2024
Free Shipping on Orders over $150. Use code LOFS2024

A Brief History of Delta Chi

Founded in 1890 at Cornell University, Delta Chi fraternity has a rich 130+ year history of promoting brotherhood, scholarship, and service through hundreds of collegiate chapters and alumni associations.

The Storied History of Delta Chi Fraternity

For over 130 years, Delta Chi fraternity has been building a proud legacy of brotherhood, scholarship, and service on college campuses across North America. Founded in 1890 at Cornell University, the Delta Chi fraternity's rich traditions and core values were born and have shaped generations of members.


The Birth of Delta Chi

It all began when Monroe Marshell Sempers, a law student from Iowa, envisioned creating a fraternity that rejected hellenic affiliations in favor of truth, democracy, and personal ambition. Along with ten fellow Cornell students, he established Delta Chi on October 13, 1890, sparking a movement to promote lifelong bonds of friendship and individual achievement.

Rapid Growth and Expansion

In the early 1900s, Delta Chi fraternity grew rapidly by chartering new chapters at universities like the University of Chicago, University of California, Berkeley, and McGill University in Montreal. The iconic Delta Chi letters and badges from this era can still be found in the shop Delta Chi merchandise collection today.

Overcoming Challenges

Like many organizations, Delta Chi endured turbulent times including temporary suspension during World War II as students left college for military service. However, the brotherhood's resilience prevailed and the fraternity reemerged in 1945 with a renewed commitment to its principles.


Modern Delta Chi

Today's Delta Chi fraternity upholds its founding tenets while evolving with the times. In addition to hundreds of collegiate chapters, there are over 100 alumni associations keeping the Delta Chi spirit alive. From fashionable apparel to custom jewelry and gifts, the Delta Chi store offers many ways for members to showcase their lifelong affiliation. To learn more about this history of Delta Chi, visit

Whether exploring Delta Chi's distinguished past or looking ahead to its future, the fraternity has made an indelible mark on generations of students seeking the ultimate brotherhood experience. Shop Delta Chi merchandise and share in the legacy.


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